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A Web Developer and Professional Photographer with a passion for Information Technology and Business.

Hi, I'm Greg and my mission has been to create engaging and sales-driven websites, fostering the growth of my clients' businesses. Witnessing the expansion of horizons and adding innovative features together brings me immense joy.

My journey began with studying Business and Information Systems, and in 1997, I then followed my deep love for photography and embarked on a successful photography venture. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of capturing moments with remarkable individuals such as Mr. Nelson Mandela and collaborating with esteemed brands like FIFA,  BMW and Standard Bank.

As the internet landscape evolved, I recognized that businesses need more than photography and film production, but a complete content creation combined with a compelling website that would serve as a base for all of their social media drives. I then focussed my attention to these specific requirements for small businesses, bridging the gap between the need to hire large agencies vs individual freelancers. In 2008, I embraced web development, skillfully combining technology and photography to craft exceptional websites for my clients. The harmonious blend of design and business acumen allows me to create seamless connections between clients and their target audience. Being on the front line  of so many campaigns and dealing with clients face to face was incredibly valuable, it allowed me to understand my clients brand from the customer's point of view and create services and products that would grow their business.  

While my heart longs for the adventure of South Africa, my home is now nestled in the North Shore of Vancouver, embracing an outdoor lifestyle that perfectly complements my love for adrenaline-based sports. Mountain biking, surfing and paragliding are my chosen outlets for rejuvenation and inspiration.

As a Web Developer and Professional Photographer, I'm committed to delivering innovative solutions, driving business growth, and creating lasting impacts for my clients. Let's embark on a journey of transformation and success together - Greg

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