Stella's vision for her brand Live My Life was a fresh young approach to lifestyle fashion that represented her and her friends youthful spirit.

Stella Bella Switala
Based In
Vancouver | Johannesburg
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The Challenge

Budget, We needed this to done simply and engaging and most important it was for teens by teens.

The Design Process.

This Shopify store has a strong focus on usability and boasts numerous features that engage and encourage the user to spend time on curating their choices while shopping the various items on offer.

Hopping on a call with Stella, we soon realized we understood each other. We both came prepared and discussed the important key points. Stella explained how she wanted to express her style and how the site needed to be focused on having fun.

Building on what we had discussed, these are just some of the ways we executed her vison.

✔️ We used a Premium Shopify Theme - This gives us extra features we going to need, without costly upgrades later.

✔️ Created a Custom Logo  - Setting her apart from other young brands in her market.

✔️ Incorporated Creative Page Effects - Using zoom effects and various layouts we were able to create a young fun style theme.

✔️ Navigation Customizations - We modified a few menu items to give additional options when searching for item on the site.

✔️ Custom Filters - We added custom filtering tags to the results page. This allowed her customers to easily sort through the the items they have selected and then further refine their choices.

✔️ Preparation - We reminded Stella that when she receives over 5000 hits on her site we will further customize her customer filtering options and upgrade your database!